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Kian Tejarat Elixir Company operates in the field of crushing, granulation and packaging of all types of metallurgical coke and has the ability to produce coke with optimal analysis and granulation based on customer orders. Also, this company is able to analyze coke with high precision in the experienced laboratory of Kian Madan Pars Company. Metallurgical coke in this company is graded 1-0, 3-0, 5-0, 10-0, 3-1, 5-1, 8-3, 10-1, 5-15, 10-20, and 10-30. And 20-30 and 30+ mm can be supplied in bulk and in packages according to the customer's request.

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Kian Tejarat Exir


Address : No. 33, North Sheikh Bahai Street, Pirouzan, Tehran