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Azarban Aria Refractory Company aims to supply the raw materials needed by steel and cement factories and implement fireproofing projects, and with round-the-clock efforts and the use of reliable technical knowledge, it produces all kinds of fireproof products, types of S and R type thermometer sheaths and all kinds of The melting sampler is made in different sizes and casting powder according to the environmental conditions of the place of consumption in a unique way. The goals of Azarban Nesuz Aria Refractory Company are as follows: 1. Production of various types of nozzles (the nozzle is a refractory piece that is placed on the bottom of the nozzle in order to direct the melt from the nozzle to the Continuous Casting Machine) and plays an important role It plays a role in controlling the quality, temperature and composition of the melt. Choosing the type and material of these nozzles is very important because of the direct contact with melt, slag and air.) 2. Production of all kinds of zirconia cores 3. Production of all kinds of silica refractory masses 4. Production of all kinds of castable alumina masses (regular, low cement and coating) Coil 5. Production of types of alumina mortars 6. Production of types of spraying compounds 7. Production of types of special compounds 8. Production of S and R type thermometer sheaths in different sizes 9. Production of types of melting samplers 10. Production of casting powder in 8 different suitable grades Get in touch with the environmental conditions of the production site to receive more information about Azarban Nesuz Arya company through the following communication channels.

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Address : Isfahan Province - Isfahan City - Isfahan City - South Khorram Street - Gulbarg Alley (91) - Plate 109 - Safavieh Building - Third Floor - Unit 304